Northland PRO Mesh Kits

Sale price$32.99 CAD

Designed and Tested by HYBRID PRO Canadian Players.


Hold, feel, consistency; everything the HYBRID Player needs to succeed on the turf and the floor.  Semi-Soft PRO Mesh allows for the playmaker to generate out the front door and the ground ball machine to effortlessly collect possessions on the fly. 


Northland PRO Kits designed in Canada by professional players.  Summer nights on the field, unexpected fall storms, and sweaty barn burners; this kit is hybrid in every fashion.  Made for the the best players in the world...Canadians.


PRO Kits include:

1 x Piece of White PRO Mesh

3 x White Shooting String

4 x White Nylon Sidewall

1 x White Nylon Runner

1 x Ball Stop